Aras Releases Application for Creating, Managing Digital Twins

Digital Twin Core app helps companies create digital twins for any product or system.

Digital Twin Core app helps companies create digital twins for any product or system.

Aras announced the release of a new application, Digital Twin Core, a low-code solution for creating and managing digital twins. The Aras Digital Twin Core application provides new functionality for defining the digital twin configuration, providing the context required to interpret and analyze Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data for “complicated scenarios such as predictive maintenance, performance optimization, over-the-air software updates and others,” the company says.

“As a real-world asset is maintained, updated and retrofitted, companies need the ability to easily reflect the real-time accurate status of the digital twin configuration,” says Peter Schroer, Founder and CEO of Aras. “Without an accurate configuration twin, companies risk analysis misinterpretations that lead to incorrect actions, safety issues and liability scenarios.”

According to Aras, the Digital Twin Core solution creates and manages the digital representation of an individual physical asset and its changes over time. This digital twin configuration mirrors a specific unit in operation such as an individual vehicle by VIN or aircraft by tail number. Digital Twin Core provides a low-code editor for modeling, adapting and extending sophisticated configuration twin representations. When combined with Aras 3D dynamic product navigation and graph views, Aras says that users can creat advanced visualizations to see digital twin relationships throughout a product structure.

Connectors to existing systems (such as ERP, PDM, CAD etc.) provide connectivity to derive configuration twin data from other sources and ensure digital thread traceability across the product lifecycle. Open APIs enable connections with IoT cloud services and data lakes to bring together configuration twins with time series sensor data for analysis. Using Aras simulation management enables users to combine configuration twins in simulations with real-world loading data for insights into wear and tear, stress impacts, and other effects that result from ongoing operation of the asset, the company says.

“As manufacturers continue to digitally transform and product, supply chain, and operation complexity increases, manufacturers and owner operators are using digital twins to optimize product and asset quality and improve the customer experience. The ability to manage an assets configuration as it changes overtime is a foundational element to an effective digital twin strategy,” said Jeff Hojlo, Program Director of Product Innovation at IDC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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