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Better, Faster Engineering Workstations

Velocity Micro has nearly 25 years of experience building ultra-fast workstations optimized for CAD, CAM, and other design applications.

Velocity Micro has nearly 25 years of experience building ultra-fast workstations optimized for CAD, CAM, and other design applications.

As models get more complex and software continues to become optimized to leverage PC bandwidth, and organization’s PC hardware is often their biggest limiting factor. Software has always been easier to upgrade than hardware. Some firms are even forced to simplify their designs/models to ensure they can be rendered on their current PC workstations. Unless a designer or engineer is able to model and render their true vision, their creativity will always be capped by the limitations of their PC. New/advanced hardware can potentially open up innumerous possibilities for creative minds.

Velocity Micro has nearly 25 years of experience building ultra-fast workstations optimized for CAD, CAM, and other design applications. We were actually founded by a kitchen cabinet designer who was unable to buy fast enough computers off the shelf and turned to building his own instead. It’s this experience that allows us to build the fast, stable, reliable workstation PCs that design firms need to realize their true vision. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re not a gaming PC company – we’re a custom PC builder that specializes in performance.

In addition to our expertise in building extreme PCs, our sales staff uses a consultative process to get to know each customer, their pain points/challenges, and design a custom PC best suited for those specific needs. We know these applications and know the best hardware to recommend, making that level of consultation something that’s very valuable, but also very rare.

Our record, our history, and our legacy speak for themselves. We’re one of the original and oldest boutique custom PC companies in the USA. Over our 25-year history, we’ve won 75+ awards from top tier industry publications and collected thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. The speed and power boost you get from one of our custom configured workstations – and resulting increase in productivity – is well documented. We know the ins and outs of the industry and PC hardware like no one else does.

Industry Leading Performance

No one builds a faster PC than we do. Independent reviewers like those at PC Magazine and Digital Engineering can attest to that, as can performance competitions like Intel’s Rig Challenge where we bested all boutique PC challengers by a significant margin. While some PC companies are either sending production overseas and sourcing components as cheaply as possible to get costs low at the expense of quality and others are emphasizing lighting and paint jobs over performance, we remain steadfast in our goal – build the fastest, most reliable PC’s possible. We do this by focusing on:

Quality components – high quality, name brand parts simply run faster and last longer than their proprietary counterparts

Meticulous build process – Each PC is hand wired by a single expert builder. We use no assembly lines. The end result is a cleaner look and better airflow for lower thermals and increased stability under load

Software tuning – Our proprietary process of tuning and optimization gets every last drop of performance from the hardware, resulting in better benchmarks vs. equally configured systems and faster overall performance

We’ve worked with hundreds of design firms over the years but a customer that especially stands out is one called McPherson Architecture. Their workflow consisted of Lumion, Revit, and Sketchup, and they wanted to be able to optimally use all of them on one workstation. That meant a single workstation running both Geforce and Quadro graphics, something that would create driver challenges and other issues for less experienced PC builders. Our team was up to the task, and delivered a workstation within budget that met the customer’s needs:

“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product both functionally and aesthetically, and we feel like we’ve found a computer vendor who is truly a partner in our business.”~Mark McPherson, McPherson Architecure


Velocity Micro

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