Nano Dimension Records its Highest Quarterly Revenue
21% increase over Q3/2022 and 61% increase over Q4/2021; 316% increase over full year 2021.
Are You Ready for ChatGPT for 3D Printing?
A startup building AI-based SaaS software for AM has tapped the still-emerging GPT technology to make it easier to instruct 3D printers.
AM: The Next Tool in the Sustainability Toolbox
A new report from CASTOR reveals how 3D printed parts can help organizations down the path of reducing CO2 emissions.
AddUp Releases Material For Injection Molds
This material, commonly used in the field of plastic injection, can now be used for additive manufacturing.
rms Co. Scales Medical Device Production With New 3D Printer
A large US-based medical device manufacturer adds DMP Flex 350 Dual to its fleet of more than 30 3D Systems printers.
MELD Manufacturing Spins Off New Company
New business is named MELD PrintWorks Corp.
Editor’s Pick: Increasing 3D printing productivity
Formlabs Automation Ecosystem for Formlabs 3D printers are designed to reduce the amount of operator labor and printer downtime when using multiple Formlabs printers. 
Securing 3D Printing 
With 3D printing an engine for distributed manufacturing and localized supply chains, new security techniques are emerging to ensure part authenticity and manufacturing resiliency.
Maine Air National Guard Adopts Essentium 3D Printing
Essentium's 3D printing offerings provide rapid and repeatable access to rare parts, company says.
America Makes Awards 2022 Project Calls
Winning proposals address challenges of domestic supply chain.
Freemelt ONE Order Designated for Texas A&M
This sale is intended to strengthen Freemelt's position in the R&D market, the company says.
Formlabs’ Automation Ecosystem to Enable Automated 3D Printer Fleets
Form auto, fleet control software and high-volume resin system enables users to increase 3D printing output.
Accumold Purchases Micro Additive Manufacturing Systems
Nano Dimension sells two high precision 3D Fabrica 2.0 Systems to micro molding specialist.
America Makes Announces Spring TRX Event for Additive Manufacturing
Registration now open for Spring 2023 Technical Review & eXchange (TRX) in Texas.
Printing in the Fourth Dimension
Smart materials and new design capabilities will usher in a generation of self-modifying structures with applicability for medical, aerospace and various other innovative uses cases.

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Sumika Partners With Hexagon
This enables more plastic carbon reduction for new vehicles by digitizing sustainable compounds for engineers, according to the companies.

Achieving User-Centered Design in Medical Devices 
More medical device manufacturers are accounting for user-centered design early in the product engineering process. 

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