Luxion Reveals KeyShot 11

KeyShot 11 release expands Luxion’s continued advancements in product visualization.

KeyShot 11 release expands Luxion’s continued advancements in product visualization.

KeyShot 11 combines flexibility and advanced tools for the creation, management and presentation of all visualization assets. Model: Cki Vang. Image courtesy of Luxion.

Luxion has released KeyShot 11 that introduces features to speed the visualization workflow and new subscription pricing.  

KeyShot 11 release expands Luxion’s continued advancements in product visualization. The features in KeyShot 11 reinforce streamlining each aspect of the product visualization process to complement the whole product lifecycle. Each feature and improvement is a result of working directly with users to solve their product development needs in material design, information management, motion, automation and presentation. 

KeyShot 11 Overview 

KeyShot helps solve challenges in the project development pipeline by combining advanced visualization authoring with ease of use. KeyShot 11 introduces ways to explore details, expanding how ideas are presented, and bringing balance to the art of creating 3D visuals, Luxion explains.  

“KeyShot 11 is a milestone release for Luxion,” says Claus Thorsgaard, CEO of Luxion. “For the past year we have been investing massively across the organization, from development to sales and support, while maintaining our focus on what we do best—building products that let designers across industries, in both small businesses and large corporations, easily bring their ideas to life, from still images to immersive 3D experiences.” 

“With KeyShot 11, we continue to pursue our vision of maximizing the value of 3D pipelines across industries,” says Derek Cicero, VP of Products and Strategy at Luxion. “From 3D paint to CMF and Web Viewer, we have worked closely with key customers to develop the tools needed to extend KeyShot across the enterprise and allow designers to explore creative ideas and easily deliver assets to manufacturing and marketing.” 

KeyShot 11 Feature Highlights 

The following highlights the top features in KeyShot 11. More details and examples of the new capabilities in KeyShot 11 are available here. The entire list of features and improvements in KeyShot 11, along with information on how each feature works, is available in the KeyShot 11 What’s New Guide.

Key features include: 

3D Paint 

KeyShot 11 introduces 3D Paint, a new texture painting tool, that allows users to customize a model’s surface finishes by directly painting or stamping textures on the surface. With 3D Paint enabled, users may directly paint or stamp bump textures, colors, roughness, specularity, refractivity and opacity. 

Material Management and CMF Output 

Color, Materials, Finish (CMF) is a term covering the non-functional identity of a product and its relationship with a given environment. KeyShot is a major part of the CMF process, allowing users to easily change and decide on CMF options during the product design review phase, the company says. 

KeyShot 11 combines material information management along with colors, materials, finish (CMF) output to capture all material variations. Image courtesy of Luxion.

Physics Simulation 

Physics Simulation is a new Tool in KeyShot 11 that allows users to record the physics of an object and apply it as a keyframe animation. This tool brings fully simulated animations to KeyShot users along with more accuracy in scattering objects.  

KeyShot Web Viewer 

KeyShot Web Viewer is part of the KeyShotWeb module and allows KeyShot users to easily share KeyShot scenes by uploading them to KeyShot Cloud. It brings sharing of interactive scenes to users across browser, desktop, and mobile device with a single link.  

Workflow Automation 

Workflow Automation is an advanced new feature that allows KeyShot users to automate various KeyShot workflows via the KeyShot Scripting Console (with a user interface) as well as through Headless Scripting Mode (without a user interface). Applications include automating render output and speeding up the generation of product variations. 

KeyShot Subscription Options 

With the release of KeyShot 11, Luxion is introducing subscription pricing for all new licenses, which reduces the upfront cost to a pay-as-you-go model. Subscription terms are generally one year.  

KeyShot Pro and associated Module subscriptions are available for immediate purchase, billed and renewed at yearly intervals. For additional information, please see the KeyShot Subscription FAQ

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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